Towing in Moscow is a Family Affair

Brandt Bros Trucking After running a successful automobile repair garage north of Moscow, Bill Brandt expanded to include towing. His brother, Ed, partnered with him and Brandt Brothers was born. Within a month Ed abandoned the business, but Bill and Brandt Brothers remained. Bill operated independently using a 1936 Chevy tow truck until 1950 when he acquired two new additions – his son, Steve, and a 1941 four-wheel-drive wrecker.

Bill monopolized the towing business in Moscow from 1946-1959. By 1967; Steve had become an integral part of the business and was actively involved until joining the Army in 1969, when Bill was again left to operate independently. When Steve returned the towing business in Moscow had changed. Other towing companies had been established and the business wasn’t able to support the two families.

The business had to adapt and Brandt Brothers Trucking was born. Steve had been trained as a diesel mechanic and along with his truck driving experience proved to be a valuable asset to the evolving business. This arrangement allowed the father-son team to continue the family business. Steve spearheaded the trucking division while Bill continued the wrecking and towing division.

Along with towing, Brandt Brothers now offers excavation and snow removal services. Throughout the years, Brandt Brothers has provided scrap iron and automobile recycling, recycling approximately 2,000 tons annually. With the passing of Bill in 1993, Steve was left to operate independently until his son, Ben, became of age in 1997. The towing business now includes three tow-trucks, serving the diversity of needs of the community. Due to the trucking background they have never turned down a call regardless of the mileage.

Brandt Brothers continues as the oldest operating towing company in the area; offering services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with hopes to continue another 69 years.